How to capture the spirit of the Israeli film industry

By Jonathan GoldingPublished 09.07.2018 02:00:02By Jonathan GoldingsA film industry expert says the Israeli art of photography is alive and well in the country and it is the reason why it is flourishing.

Photographers like Besser Litzman, who is now working on a film based on the life of her grandfather, have made it clear that they do not believe in the status quo.

“The Israeli film is one of the most creative and artistic productions in the world.

It’s a true testament to our creativity,” she told The Jerusalem Press.”

We have been living a life of resistance.

We know what it is like to be on the other side.

It doesn’t matter what your age is, you’re in the same boat.”

And if you’re lucky, your family has the same experience.

They all have the same story and the same history.

I don’t think it’s fair to compare it to the world of the west.

It is our own story.

We’ve always been fighting against it.

“For me, the beauty of the film industry is that it has created something new.

It has created a new life for our country, it has allowed us to do what we have always done and continue to fight against the Israeli occupation.”

Litzman’s grandfather, Isaac Litzmann, was an ardent supporter of the Palestine Liberation Organization and its military wing, the Arab Liberation Army.

Litzmann grew up in the refugee camp in the town of Jaffa, where her mother was a refugee from the British Mandate of Palestine.

After graduating from university, Litzmans father and two brothers fled to Israel.

After a short stint in Paris, where she worked as a fashion model, Lachman moved to Jerusalem, where the Litzmen owned a fashion boutique and a bar.

Lizman remembers a particularly bad period for her family in the late 1970s, when they moved to the Negev Desert.

The desert was inhospitable and their home was destroyed by the Israeli army.

Lutzman said: “We were living in an apartment and they started to demolish it.

I remember the army came and told me to go out to a hillside, where they were going to dig a pit, and dig holes.

They told me that my house was going to be destroyed.

I was very young and my parents were young, too.”

After the war, my mother had to take her own life because of the pain she had experienced.

My father died from complications from diabetes.

“When Litz’s father died, she married an Israeli-American, who died a few years later.

“It was the best decision I ever made. “

When I saw my father, I knew I wanted to come back to Palestine,” she said.

“It was the best decision I ever made.

It made me happy.

It was the only reason I could come back.”

But Litz never made it back to her hometown of Jafar in the West Bank.

She went to Israel and studied film and photography.

“I went back to my roots.

I wanted it to be an authentic experience.

I thought that was why I decided to go back to the States.

After graduating, Lutz moved to California, where, with her mother, she began working on films. “

If you go to Europe, you’ll never be able to live like this, and that’s why I wanted this film.”

After graduating, Lutz moved to California, where, with her mother, she began working on films.

“My mother wanted me to be a writer, and I wanted my own films.

I made my first film, The Day of the Sun.

The film is called The First of May, which is a tribute to my grandfather.

The second film is The Day the Sun Comes, which was a documentary about my grandmother.”

Liz is still working on The Day The Sun Comes and is currently finishing up work on a feature film called The Day We Came Home.

The film is set in the Israeli village of Kibbutz Gera, where Litz met her husband, Sheba Litz.

“I was living in Israel and I was trying to do my best.

I had to learn a new language, and this film is about my life in that place.

My life has been a constant struggle, because we lived in a refugee camp for so many years,” Litz said.”

In the documentary, I was able to see my life through my eyes.

I see myself as a victim of the occupation, and my life was not normal.”

Lutz said she was “very emotional” when she saw the film.

She added: “It is really inspiring and amazing.

It brings back so many memories of my grandfather and my family, who were living with their lives, and in my life, I see my mother who was living with us, and our family, and then I see her granddaughter.”

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