Lala photo: Tattooed man takes pictures of himself with a camera

This week, a tattoo artist in the Vancouver area says he’s been photographing himself with the camera for nearly a year.

Kurt Eriksen was tattooed as a child in South Korea, and says he was born into the tattoo community.

“I’m a tattoo photographer, I love tattoos,” Eriksens says.

“I’ve always loved it.

It’s very special and unique.”

His tattoo artist husband, a former tattoo artist, says Erikses photography career started with the “cooler” side of the tattoo culture, before he took it to the darker side.

“We did a lot of fun things and a lot more serious stuff, like when we did the tattoo of the sun in our home,” he says.

“So, for me, that was a very cool thing to do and a very personal thing to be able to do.

It was also a really important part of my career because I felt like that was something that I was really proud of.”

Eriksen says he also had a passion for tattooing when he was younger.

“Growing up, I really loved my mother.

I really wanted to be like her, so I did all the cool things,” he said.”

And, of course, I had tattoos of my mom on my legs, so my mother and I are very close.”

Ericksen says that when he started working at his own tattoo shop, he was always looking for creative ways to capture his life.

“One day, I came to a meeting, and I just got up and walked over to a client and said, ‘I’m here to do tattoos, so can I come to your shop?’

And they said, yeah, absolutely,” he recalls.”

That’s when I really started doing things I really enjoy and wanted to do, so it just kind of snowballed from there.”

Ersens’ business has expanded to include several other artists, including tattoo artist and tattoo artist-owner Chris Pecoraro, who has done work for Eriksensen for over two years.

“He’s been really supportive of the business and really great about helping me out,” Pecoraaro says.

Eriksens’ new business has opened the door for others to do similar work.

“The tattoo industry is really growing and I think that’s a great thing because it’s so small.

There are so many people that have done so much to help get the tattoo industry going, but it’s kind of hard to get that type of support from people that are on the inside,” he explains.”

There’s a lot that needs to be done, and we’re trying to help.”

With files from The Canadian Press

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