‘My God, It’s Hot’: A Naked Photo of Male Nude Photography from grads

Male nude photography is a relatively new phenomenon in the world of photography.

It’s not exactly new to us.

However, the trend is catching fire with the advent of digital photography.

With a growing interest in self-portraits, male nude photography has come a long way.

This year, we saw the debut of the very first ever nude photoshoot from a graduate of The Johns Hopkins University.

In this video, a nude photograph of a male graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Photography, David DeAngelo, is shown.

In his new work, “My God It’s HOT,” DeAngelo’s nude body is revealed.

He was shot in two locations at The Johns-Hopkins School of Theoretical Physics, in the hopes of capturing the unique and beautiful images he has captured over the course of his career.

In the video, DeAngelo describes the process of taking the photos and how he approaches them.

He’s not shy about sharing his work, sharing a few details about how the process came about, and sharing his own personal experiences in this video.

This video is a perfect opportunity for you to experience this unique and exciting new medium of male nude Photography. 

Here are some of the images featured in this clip: 1.

A shot of a graduate student at The Hopkins School Of Theoretic Physics. 


A male graduate at The Department of Physics at The University of Maryland. 


A female graduate at the Johns- Hopkins School. 


The first ever male nude shot from The Johns Hopkins School.

This photo was taken in a lab in Maryland.

It was taken as a solo exhibition of a project in the lab. 


A young male graduate who has just graduated from the Johns Hopkin School of theoretical physics. 


A close-up of a female graduate who graduated from The Hopkins and Johns Hopkins school. 


A man at the University of Arizona. 


A graduate student from The Department Of Physics at the university of Arizona studying astrophysics. 


A student at the New School in New York. 


A woman at the Columbia University School of Journalism. 


A university student at Oxford University. 


A group of graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. 


A naked graduate student. 


A full-body shot of one of the graduate students. 


A nude student with an eye-patch. 


A photo of a nude graduate student taken in the studio of a young graduate student studying the physics of quantum physics.

In addition to his research in quantum physics, David has also worked in the areas of neuroscience, psychology, and neuroscience-inspired photography. 


A portrait of a naked graduate from the University Of Texas at Austin. 


An illustration of a portrait of one naked graduate. 


An image of a man with his back to the camera. 


An animated rendering of the same. 


An underwater view of the male graduate student’s naked body. 


An interiors shot of the female graduate student in her lab.


An interactive image of the students nude bodies. 


A zoomed in view of a pair of male graduate students in a photo studio. 


A closer-up view of one nude graduate.


An animation of a professor’s naked face. 


An intimate shot of an undergraduate student.


A more intimate shot with a nude female student.


An artist’s rendering of one male graduate from The School of Physics.


An interior view of The Hopkins student’s nude torso.


A silhouette of a clothed male graduate with his hands in his pocket.


An animatronic image of one clothed male student’s torso. 


An adult male graduate sitting at a desk. 


An exterior shot of this naked male student.


A virtual view of this nude male student as he sleeps. 


A video montage of one professor’s nude images. 


An immersive virtual experience of a student at a class. 


A VR experience of the faculty at the School of Philosophy. 


An extended virtual tour of one faculty member’s nude photos. 


A 360 degree view of an undergrad student’s nudity. 


A montage with all of the naked faculty members. 


An exploration of the chemistry department. 


An enhanced virtual tour. 


An expanded virtual tour with all students.


A short film from the School Of Physics.


A visual exploration of one student’s private parts. 


An experience of students nude photos on campus. 


A sneak peek at one of students naked photos.  

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