The Best U.S. Companies to Invest in 2016

by Fortune magazine The most important story of 2016 has been the one about the economy.

That’s not the case for the world’s largest stock market.

There was no global economic crisis.

The global economy did not fall into a tailspin.

The U.K. and Japan held on to their markets despite a Brexit, the U.A.E. and Italy continued to grow and global inequality, especially in emerging markets, remained low.

But all of this happened as the stock market climbed to new highs.

The year is over, and the next is just beginning.

For investors and the markets, the good news is that it looks like the stock markets are coming back.

The bad news is, some may not be returning in a big way.

In fact, the bad news might be that it may not ever come back.

A new era of investment opportunities has begun.

A year ago, the stock prices of a few of the biggest companies in the world fell.

The Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped 2,300 points.

The S&P 500 dropped 7,100 points.

But this year, they’ve climbed more than 10,000 points.

Some of the bigger companies that have seen their stock prices fall this year include Amazon, Apple, Alphabet, Microsoft, Netflix, and Tesla Motors.

The biggest gains have come from the Internet giant, Facebook, which rose 9,800 points; Netflix, which climbed 7,300; and Alphabet, which surged 8,300.

The next big stock drop could be Twitter, which dropped 4,800.

The stock market is no longer in a tailspins tailspin, as some pundits have predicted.

In December, we wrote about the “recovery” that was expected to begin in 2018, when companies like Microsoft, Google, Facebook and Amazon would be able to recover from their “hits and misses.”

That’s now looking more and more like a mirage.

Instead, as we noted in December, stocks are now seeing the next big correction.

It’s the stock price decline, or the drop in the stock value.

What’s more, some analysts are predicting that it will last for years.

In other words, stocks could see even greater losses as the years drag on.

If investors don’t get the right kind of support in the right direction, the market could continue to decline even longer.

And the longer that happens, the more the markets’ value will fall, which means even greater uncertainty.

That is, the longer the market continues to fall, the greater the risk of a downturn.

There is no clear path forward, either for investors or the markets.

If you think that the market is heading for a correction, don’t hold onto your money.

Investors should sell it, and sell it now.

Don’t hold your money in any of the large U.Y.C. stock indexes, such as Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft.

You’re better off selling it and selling it now in large amounts.

Don.t wait to buy it back.

You need to be ready to sell it.

This article is part of our series on how to buy stocks in 2018.

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