‘It was a tough decision’: Photographer says ‘it was an emotional moment’ to shoot ‘Trump’

Posted May 05, 2019 09:04:37 Photographer Scott Adams is now in the middle of a major controversy after he claimed that his photographs were taken in a ‘Trump mask.’

Adams has come under fire from both sides of the political spectrum after he posted a photograph of himself with a Donald Trump mask, saying that he took the photo because he felt the photographer “didn’t know what was happening.”

Adams said in a Facebook post that he was trying to get “real, un-politicized, accurate images” of the event that took place on May 3, and that he “took pictures of a person who was on the ground wearing a mask.”

Adams claimed that he wanted to show “real life people, not the phony ones.”

“I did not mean to hurt anybody,” he wrote.

“The Trump mask was just a mask I thought would make people uncomfortable.”

“My intention was not to hurt anyone,” he continued.

He added that “I’m a Republican and I like Donald Trump and I’m proud to be a Republican. “

It was an emotionally powerful moment,” Adams wrote.

He added that “I’m a Republican and I like Donald Trump and I’m proud to be a Republican.

The mask was an attempt to make people feel uncomfortable.”

Trump himself is known to use mask in public to cover up his face.

His mask is not just a face cover; it’s a body covering, a mask that covers both eyes.

The Trump mask has become a symbol of the Republican Party and Trump, as well as of the far right.

Adams’ image is being widely shared on social media, but he is also being criticized by the Republican National Committee and others.

“This is not a photo taken for the benefit of the President of the United States,” National Republican Senatorial Committee Chairman Steve Daines said in an email to The Washington Post.

“We are very disappointed that this photograph was taken without our prior knowledge.

This is not an effort to hurt or humiliate Mr. Trump.

This was not a political statement, this was a photograph taken with an ordinary person’s camera.

“His actions are in clear violation of the RNC Code of Ethics, and his photograph will be removed from all digital and print media.” “

Mr. Adams is a public figure, not a journalist, and should not be profiled in this way,” Dainés added.

“His actions are in clear violation of the RNC Code of Ethics, and his photograph will be removed from all digital and print media.”

However, Adams has not apologized to the photographer, who has been criticized by other Republican leaders.

“After taking the photograph I felt that the photographer didn’t know how to do a photo shoot,” Adams told The Associated Press.

“He did not know what to do with his camera.

I don’t think I have the right to take a photo and then blame someone for it.”

Adams is not the only photographer to face backlash over Trump mask.

“Photographers should be held to the same standards as journalists,” said Republican National Communications Director Michael Short in a statement.

“When a photographer has taken a photograph in a Trump mask in the midst of an American Civil War, they have violated their professional responsibility to protect the image of their subject.

They have also violated the very values they were hired to uphold.

The RNC is currently reviewing the matter.”

Adams has also faced criticism from fellow photographers who claim that his images show a political agenda.

“In a democracy, people shouldn’t be photographed with a mask on,” wrote photographer Tim Anderson on Instagram.

“If a photojournalist takes a picture and then uses it as a political platform, then they’re not an artist, they’re a political hack.

They’re taking pictures to help the candidate.”

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