How to shoot the sun

A new book has been published, offering advice on how to shoot a sun that’s about to rise over the Pacific.

The book, A Short Solstice: A Photographic Guide to Sunrise, Moonrise and Sunset in the Pacific, by author and wildlife photographer Paul A. Lomax, was released on Friday.

A native of New South Wales, Mr Lomacks photography focuses on capturing the beauty of the sun and the beauty and awe of the ocean.

The new book includes practical tips on how you can shoot sunsets, sunrises and sunrise, and it will be available in bookshops and online soon.

The guide also offers some advice on the best way to capture a sunset on your phone or tablet.

“Sunsets and sunrises are very beautiful and we want to capture the beauty, the wonder, and the majesty of the sunset,” Mr Lompax said.

“That’s why I like to focus on the natural beauty of our beautiful landscapes.”

Read more: ‘We’re in a bit of a crisis’: Why Australians are turning to solar power to meet their energy needsarticleIn the book, Mr Leomack provides tips on taking the perfect shot on your smartphone or tablet, using a tripod, and how to take good photos of the sunrise and sunset.

“It’s not a simple matter to get the best picture of the perfect sunrise,” he said.

It’s a process that can be tedious, but with practice and a little luck, you’ll be able to capture some stunning photos.

“The sun is a very special object that gives us everything we need to live and enjoy the world around us,” Mr Leome said.

Mr Lomak said the sun was a symbol of the planet, and he hoped the book would help educate people about the wonders of the universe.

“We are the ones that created the sun,” he added.

“Its a symbol to us, it is our connection with the universe, it gives us a great sense of peace and joy.”

There’s nothing more beautiful and magical than to see the sunrise, or the sun rise in the morning and see that this is all a reflection of the great harmony of nature and of life.

“The book was released in a special issue of the Australian Geographic magazine.


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