What happened to this great American documentary?

What happened?

Well, there’s a lot of stories.

It started in 2009 when, after the 2010 election, the Obama administration launched an effort to reform the United States criminal justice system.

At the time, the Justice Department wanted to make sure that prosecutors would be more sensitive to the needs of victims of crimes and would focus on violent offenders, gang members, and drug traffickers.

So, to address this, it created a Task Force on National Policy.

It met in June 2011, and the plan was to get prosecutors more involved in the investigation of cases involving people who might be considered “high-risk.”

One of the ideas that the task force had was to take a look at all the unsolved cases that were going unsolved because of prosecutorial misconduct.

To be clear, the task forces did not say, “Let’s change everything.”

But, rather, the plan had been to have them focus on cases where the prosecutors were not doing what they should be doing, or where they didn’t know that they could do it better.

And one of the things that the Justice and State Departments worked on was to make this a priority.

And this idea was picked up by the Justice department in December 2012.

One of its first reports was on a list of unsolved cases.

That’s when they were able to hire an expert from the National Bureau of Economic Research and the National Academy of Sciences to look at the cases and give a list that was the best available for them to do their analysis.

And the expert gave a report in March 2013.

He said that we have a lot more unsolved cases than we thought, and they were investigating them and identifying the crimes.

And they found that the backlog of cases was much higher than they thought.

In fact, they found cases that they hadn’t seen before, and he said, “We’re not just investigating them, we’re finding them.”

And then he also pointed out that there were cases that had never been reported to the government before, but there were people who were reporting these crimes to the police, and when you had a list like that, you could go in there and identify those cases and get some sort of closure.

And that’s what happened in this report, which was released in April of 2013.

And then, later that year, the Department of Justice began to work on a new plan for prosecutorial reform.

And it called for, among other things, a focus on crime reduction and reducing recidivism.

And so, the White House launched the Office of Justice Programs to bring together the different agencies, including the Justice, the State, the FBI, and others, to work together to try to come up with a new strategy for prosecuting crime.

One part of that strategy was to create a task force to identify and prosecute the cases that should be prosecuted and those that should not.

And these new crimes, in the first place, they were crimes that were being reported to police and to prosecutors.

And when police and prosecutors were able, for example, to identify a serial killer who was killing women and children, they started to file charges against him.

They filed charges against this guy who had been running a ring of young women and girls, they filed charges for the killings of women and young girls, and so on.

They wanted to take those cases to court, and one of their priorities was to identify cases where it was possible to prosecute them.

One thing that the White house said, and it was reiterated by the attorney general, was that we were going to focus on the ones that could be prosecuted.

And in other words, we were not going to put a focus, in any way, on those that were just not worthy of prosecution.

So one of those areas that they were focused on was cases where there was an eyewitness account that could corroborate the police report, or a case where a witness was able to identify the killer.

And what they were doing was putting together a taskforce to do that.

And on May 20, 2014, it was announced that they had hired a consultant, a law firm, to do a task to identify those crimes.

This taskforce was called the Project Lead.

And according to the Department, the Task Force identified, investigated, and prosecuted over 30,000 cases over the course of five years.

The goal of the Task Forces was to improve prosecutorial integrity.

It was to try and get prosecutors to focus more on cases that are more difficult for them.

And to make these cases more accessible to the victims and to the community.

The task force also made recommendations about how prosecutors should handle some cases that the police had identified.

And, as a result, in April, 2015, the DOJ announced that the Department was closing the office of the Special Victims Unit.

But the Department said, in some cases, it will be reopened to help prosecutors make the cases more public.

And there’s been a lot going on over the past five years that has resulted in this new strategy. But it

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