Which image is the best selfie?

A new poll finds that selfies have been gaining ground over selfies for years, with the majority of respondents saying they like to take their pictures with their hands and arms.

However, the survey also found that people are less likely to take selfies in public places, such as bars, restaurants, or shopping malls.

The poll was conducted by Lululemon Athletica, the makers of the Tilt Shift collection of body-friendly products, between February and April.

The Lululesco team was able to get a large sample of people in different locations, and the results were then aggregated to determine which of the 50 selfies were most liked.

The images that were most popular, in order, were:Tilt Shift 4:10:00.

This was the most popular selfie, with 52.3 percent of respondents choosing to take it.

TiltShift 2:00:00 and 3:00,000:00 were also the most liked selfies, with 49.7 and 48.4 percent of participants choosing to use them.

The only one that wasn’t popular was 3:10,000,000.

Tiltshift 0:50:00 was the only one to not be popular, with only 13.4 of the 500 participants choosing it.

The poll also found the most photographed selfie is a woman, with 56.6 percent of women saying they take selfies with their arms.

The other two top pictures of the year, were the Lululi twins, who have become celebrities with their Instagram-worthy body shots, and Miley Cyrus.

Lululi is a member of the popular music group Bangerz.

She’s also a frequent tweeter, and has more than 1.8 million followers.

Cyrus is a famous musician who’s been dubbed “The Next Big Thing” by her fans.

The results of the poll have not yet been released, but the poll did not ask for a selfie in which a woman was the subject of the image.

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