How to get the right kind of selfie at the right moment—or for the right reasons—in a photo caption

Posted by Vice News on Wednesday, August 22, 2018 10:02:38 The last thing you want to do is to post a photo on Instagram or Twitter that includes the word “joke” in its caption.

That’s because people are going to be confused about whether the photo is actually funny or not, and you don’t want that to happen.

You need to be clear about the intent of your caption, and if you want people to share the photo, then use the exact right words.

“In the caption, use the words ‘in the caption,’ ” says Matt Schulman, a writer for the site Photo of the Day.

“There’s a ton of other things you can say to help clarify what you’re trying to convey.

If you’re just going to use a funny word, that’s fine.

But if you’re really serious about it, use a real-life example, like, ‘I’m going to do something really funny with my friends today,'” says Schulmen.

(The photo was taken by a man in the Philippines, so it wasn’t even funny.)

Here’s how to do it right.

The first thing you need to do, as always, is take a photo of yourself smiling or smiling in the same pose as your caption.

“The way I always do it is to take a selfie and put it on my phone,” says Schurman.

“Then I take it to Instagram and send it to all of my friends.”

So, in the caption that you put in, use some of the same words.

(Some of the words may be slightly different depending on the photo you’re sending.)

“In this example, we’re using the words, ‘in my selfie,’ ” Schulmans said.

“That’s just a quick, simple, non-specific way to get them out there.”

Here’s the next step: When you’re ready to share, click “share.”

That’ll open up a “social media sharing menu” that lets you send the photo and share it with others.

“I usually take a picture of myself smiling or laughing in the exact same pose, and I put that on my Instagram,” says Chrystia Stachowiak, the photo editor at Vice News.

“If I’m doing this with my kids, I’ll use a slightly different pose.”

(There are some other variations of the caption here.)

Here are some of Schul’s tips for creating the right caption: Use a funny, real-world example.

If your caption is for a funny photo of you holding hands with your friends, use something realistic, like your parents, your best friend, or your dog.

Or, if you have a pet, add a few “naughty and nice” words to the end.

For instance, “I like my dogs to lick my face,” or “I love my cat.”

If you’ve got a family, make sure your family gets to see your photo, too.

If they’re not in the picture, put the photo’s name in a little tag that looks like this: “The family photo.”

(You can also add a caption to the bottom of the photo.)

For Instagram, use your own picture instead of the one you’re using to send the picture.

(On Twitter, you can use a photo that you’ve posted yourself.)

Use a few words.

Sometimes, you might want to say something like, “This is the kind of photo I’d send to my mom.”

(Some people may think that you’re being a jerk.)

Or, “We’re taking a selfie, so I’m going with a cute, funny photo.”

Or, “[The caption] just so happens to be a photo taken by my friend.”

(“Named after the word ‘f***ing,’ this photo caption is very similar to my friend’s selfie.”)

If you don, don’t say anything, and just use the photos as is.

“You can’t say, ‘This is what the caption is,’ ” Stachowski says.

“It’s more like, what are you doing in the photo?”

“I can’t stress how important this is,” Schulmann says.

It’s important to use the correct words and to follow up with the appropriate people.

You should always use the proper grammar and punctuation, he adds.

(And yes, it’s OK to misspell a word.)

It’s also important to read the caption and use the right words, too, because some people aren’t used to seeing a caption like this one.

“They may think it’s just funny, and they might think that I’m being a little silly, but the context of the tweet makes it clear that it’s meant to be funny,” Schurmans says.

(It should also be clear that if your photo is really funny, it should be captioned in the correct way.)

Make sure your caption has context. If

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