An update on what’s happening in the wild in Texas and the rest of the country

An update: I’ve been doing some testing and testing of the new camera, and the results are interesting.

My initial reaction was, “Wow, I think it’s really good,” and I’m impressed by how fast and how accurate it is.

The camera seems to be more accurate in some situations, and it’s much easier to focus on objects in the scene.

There are also some new features in the app that I haven’t seen in the past: Live HDR mode and a new setting for the exposure compensation slider.

But overall, I really like the new interface and camera.

The best part is that I think I’m starting to get a feel for the app, which is more intuitive and easy to use than I’ve seen in other VR apps.

It’s hard to imagine a time where I wouldn’t want to use it, but it is not the most user-friendly app out there.

There’s no camera settings and you can’t use HDR mode in landscape mode, which would be great if you want to see your subject in a dark environment.

And that’s about it.

There were some small, noticeable performance issues, though.

For example, the app will freeze at some points and you have to wait for the camera to respond to some commands.

I had to restart it a few times to fix this.

And when the app crashed for a second, I had no idea why it was doing that, so I couldn’t see what had happened until it booted up.

The new camera also does not include a VR mode, though, which means you’ll need to buy a separate camera for the HTC Vive.

I haven, however, seen any other VR app that supports HTC Vive cameras.

That’s the only reason I’m writing this review, though; I haven.

I’m still looking for more.

One thing I’m excited about is that HTC has included a dedicated app for the Vive.

It lets you select the camera, the VR mode and the focal length of your viewfinder.

There aren’t any presets, so you’ll have to experiment with what works best for you.

I used the HTC Vision camera, which has the same sensor and software as the new HTC Vive camera.

That meant it’s easier to shoot in VR than the previous camera, but I still found that it had some noticeable issues.

When I tried it out, I was able to shoot the same scene in VR without any problems.

I was also able to see a very subtle difference in my viewfinder, as I was seeing the light coming from the object that was moving away from me.

I thought this was weird, because the camera in my previous HTC Vive had the same thing, but the VR camera was much sharper.

That was one of the big positives of the HTC VR Camera, though: The new HTC VR camera can see objects more clearly and is much more accurate.

It took me a few tries to get it to work with the first HTC Vive I tried, but once I got it to do it, I got really good results.

If you’re interested in the new VR camera, HTC will be releasing a beta version on February 15.

If the HTC Rift is a good option for VR, then the HTC Lens VR camera is a better option for shooting indoors.

Both of these cameras support 360° video, which will be great for the VR industry.

The HTC Lens is a great camera for indoor scenes, though the HTC 360 VR camera seems a bit more advanced than the 360 VR cameras in the Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

It does have some really nice features like a 3D scene viewer and a built-in mic, but they’re pretty limited.

The Samsung Gear VR, meanwhile, has a bunch of really nice VR features like VR Cinema and Virtual Reality.

It also has a built in microphone and an optical image stabilization system that works very well.

But it also has some issues.

For one thing, it’s not quite as good as the HTC Camera or the HTC Experience VR cameras, which are great for 360-degree scenes.

So I would say the HTC Gear VR is definitely a better bet if you’re looking for an affordable camera for VR.

But I would also say the Samsung Gear 360 VR is the better choice for indoors, if you need a 360-level camera.

You can read my full review of the Samsung 360 VR on my website.

Read more about the HTC Glass VR camera.

It has a pretty small sensor, which limits the depth of field, but that’s not a huge problem for some people.

And it has an optical viewfinder and it does support 360-dots.

That means that you can use the HTC ViewVR to shoot with the new Glass VR.

If that’s what you want, though it’s only $50.

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