Which Photo Courses Can You Take?

Photography has come a long way from the days of digital camcorders and the use of paper and crayons to record images.

The world’s greatest photographers have perfected the art of capturing the moment in a way that has become a hallmark of modern photography.

You can see it in their works, and there are a number of courses that can help you hone your skills.

The Wall St. Journal has compiled the most popular courses on photography available.

Start your search for your next photography course today.


Photo Lab – Introduction to Digital Photography Course by Art Studio Learning The Art Studio courses offer a complete approach to the study of photography, starting with basic fundamentals such as photography, composition, lighting, and film, with advanced subjects such as color, perspective, and framing.

This course is recommended for anyone interested in learning about photography or in the history of photography.


Digital Photography 101 – Digital Photography in the Age of the Digital Cameras Course by Coursera Courseraprojects’ digital photography course, Digital Photography 100, is designed for those looking to learn about the field and the techniques used to produce digital images.

You will learn how to take pictures with digital cameras, from taking photos with a DSLR to shooting digital photos with an iPhone.


Digital Image Processing in the 21st Century: Digital Photography for Business and Digital Photography Certification by Coursioras Photography Certifications is designed to assist students with the basics of digital photography.

Courseras’ Digital Photography Certificates includes a complete course that will introduce you to digital photography, along with practical tips and techniques.


Digital Photo Processors: Understanding Digital Photography and the Digital Image Processors course by Courses is a great resource for students looking to study digital photography in the digital age.

The Courses Digital Photography Classroom is designed specifically for students who have never taken a digital camera, but want to improve their skills.

It includes an overview of digital cameras and their features, including lens and sensor size, shutter speed, ISO, white balance, and more.


Digital Imaging: From Photography to Digital Camerases by Digital Imaging is a hands-on, hands-learning experience that teaches students about the development of digital images, from digital cameras to digital printers, and how they were created.


Photography 101: Digital Image Photography in a Digital World by LearningThe Art Studio is designed with students in mind.

The course is designed by Art Lab founder David Duchovny, who is well-known for his courses that have been widely studied by professional photographers.


The Art of Photography by Art Labs is a comprehensive, hands on, hands training course for anyone who wants to understand photography.

The online class has a wide range of topics and courses for students to explore, including the art and craft of photography and the role of photography in modern society.


Photo Theory: Digital Art and Design with Photoshop by LearnTheArtStudio is a course by ArtLab that covers everything from creating digital images to using Photoshop to create beautiful images.


Digital Camera Basics: Introduction to Photography by Courssolutions is designed especially for photography students.

Courses photography courses offer an introduction to digital cameras for the first time, as well as advanced photography topics.


Digital Video Basics: Video Photography with Digital Cameraries by Learn The ArtStudio is designed specially for students wanting to study video photography.

LearnTheartstudios.com includes a wide variety of digital video and film courses, including some that are specifically designed for photography.


Digital Web Design and Digital Media by Courseres is designed more for students interested in creating a website or blog.

The web design course offers the basic fundamentals of web design, while the digital media course focuses on the more advanced aspects of web and mobile development.


Digital Media Photography: Understanding Photography with Photography and Photoshop by Coursis is designed in a format for students of all levels.

The photography course is a fun, handson course that offers the most basic photography subjects.

Coursis also offers digital media tutorials and courses.


Digital Art: Digital Painting with Lightroom, Photoshop, and After Effects by Learn the Art Studio offers a tutorial-style approach to digital painting, focusing on lighting, color, and the basics.


Digital Animation: Animation in a Virtual World by Learn Art Studio lets students experiment with a variety of interactive 3D graphics, from video game character designs to 3D animation.


Digital Music: Digital Audio Design for Artists and Composers by LearnArtStudio offers an in-depth, hands over, hands teaching approach to learning music.


Digital Visual Effects: The Art and Artistry of Digital Design and the Design of Digital Video by LearnartStudio is the perfect way to learn the ins and outs of the art, design, and production of digital visual effects.


Digital Audio: Digital Music for Artists by LearntheArtStudio has a range of courses

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