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New pricing guide: What you need to know about the most popular cameras

New pricing guides have emerged for the popular consumer camera brands that have long been among the most sought-after by photographers.

The new pricing guides are a reflection of the shifting landscape of digital cameras, and offer an insight into what to expect from the new versions as they come out in 2016.

The most popular camera brands include Canon, Nikon, Sony, Pentax and Fujifilm.

The first new pricing guide from Canon is aimed at photographers, while the Nikon and Pentax offerings have also been updated to include their most recent flagship cameras.

For photographers, it provides some guidance about which of the brand’s new models to buy.

The Canon C300 and the Nikon D3200 are among the new models in the new pricing categories.

Canon’s new model offers more powerful imaging sensors and an enhanced optical image stabilization system, but its price is lower than the Nikon’s and Penta’s.

It’s the first of Canon’s line of compact cameras, which also include the D1X and D300, as well as the EOS Rebel T6 and Rebel T5.

The new Nikon D7000 and the Pentax K-3200 both come with an upgraded digital stabilization system and an optical image stabilizer.

Both cameras have also received a price drop of about 10 percent, to $1,999 from $2,999, and Nikon’s D7100 is now $1 to $2 more expensive than the K-2200.

The Pentax D610 has also seen an upgrade, from $1.8 to $3,000, which brings its price to $6,999.

The Sony A7S, the new flagship model of Sony, has seen a price increase to $8,999 for the 14-megapixel camera and $9,999 to $12,999 in the 16-megapro of the Sony A6300, a 21-megaphone model.

Sony also announced that the A7 series will be available in two sizes — 13-megatest and 14-meters — in April.

The price difference between the A63000 and A7100 cameras has been reduced to about $1 from $3.50, the company said.

In addition to the brand-new cameras, Sony also added a new 12-megabits-per-second camera to its lineup in the A6500, which is a successor to the A70.

The Sony A6550 is priced at $2.99 for the 15-megabit-per, 5-megacenter A65 camera and at $5.99 more for the 24-megabyte A65.

Both cameras offer a 1.9-megajoule of processing power and support up to 4K video recording.

The Nikon D70, Nikon D800 and Sony D810 have all received price drops.

Nikon’s new camera, the D700, has also been dropped to $599 from $699.

The D800 has seen its price dropped to about the same price as the D3100, but the D810 now has an additional $100 price difference to $499.

The prices for the other models are the same.

Sony announced the addition of two new digital SLRs, the SEL7100 and the S-EL7200, in March.

Sony is also adding a third digital camera, called the A6S, which will go on sale in late April, with a price of $999.

The A6 and A6s will be Sony’s first DSLR models.

Sony’s other flagship DSLRs, which are expected to make their way into the market in April, are the Nikon E-mount A6000 and Sony A70, which Sony will be launching with in early April.

Nikon and Sony are both expected to announce new versions of their existing DSLRs in early May.

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